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This channel has been created to help other breast surgeons and plastic surgeons improve their skills in oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

“Knowledge must be shared and disseminated to facilitate access for women with breast cancer who need high-quality treatment.”

Régis Resende Paulinelli, MD, PhD

Breast surgeon (Mastologist).

Oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

Federal University of Goiás

Araújo Jorge Hospital - ACCG

Goiânia - GO. Brazil.

According to the recommendations of medical societies in Brazil, to avoid unnecessary exposure of patients, who voluntarily accepted having their surgeries recorded for educational purposes, surgical videos and technical presentations are restricted to medical professionals, after subscription on the website.


Collaborative Video clips

Do you have a surgical video on breast surgery that you think can be interesting and useful for other colleagues? Send it, please, to my email: rrpaulinelli@gmail.com. It will be a pleasure to share it on this channel.


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2021/04/14-15 - Breast cancer: oncologic and reconstructive surgery. European Institute of Oncology (https://www.ieo-oncoplastic.com/index.php) (Milan, Italy) (English)

Next live streamings (Brasilia time, GMT-3):

2021/04/14-15 - Breast cancer: oncologic and reconstructive surgery. European Institute of Oncology (https://www.ieo-oncoplastic.com/index.php) (Milan, Italy) (English)

2021/04/24 - 1PM. iBreastBook webinar. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Complications in Breast Surgery (5PM - UK time; 6PM CET; 7PM EET). (Aberdeen, Scotland) (English)

2021/05/13-15 - Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium (https://2021.bbcs.org.br) (Pirinopolis, Brazil)

Simultaneous translation into English and Portuguese is available! 

Suggestion of additional educational websites:

Let's talk

Dr Régis Resende Paulinelli, MD, PhD.

Breast surgeon (Mastologist).

Oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstruction.

Federal University of Goiás.

Araújo Jorge Hospital.

Centro de Medicina Amin Daher.

Rua 17 A, 899 Sala 1101. S. Aeroporto.

CEP: 74070-100. Goiânia-GO, Brazil.



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